1.6 Aizawa IRTB's for sale on ebay (dont blink)

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I have contacted the seller about splitting the IRTBs and FCON. I want the IRTBs, almost bought them from Hector. I may bid as boling8934, so some love please.
Chris - if you can, grab everything and sell the F-con on SupraForums. A used F-con V Pro goes around for $800 now or less.
damn, my mouse arrow was hovering over the buy it now button for a couple of minutes before I bottled out !!! I have the afternoon to convince myself !!?
I have the sellers email. I told him to check here to try and sell them. We were just too far apart on the ITRBs or they would be on the way to my house.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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