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As stated in the title, for sale is one Jackson Racing Supercharger kit for a 1.6 with PS and AC.

All pieces are present. It appears that this has some sort of upgraded tensioner pulley set as opposed to the cheap plastic idlers that come stock. I purchased this kit off of a member here back in March of last year, after which I found out that the blower unit had a failed bearing. I suspect that the person knew prior to selling me the unit, but that's a story for another time.

Anyway, I got the blower rebuilt, and here's the damage:

Embree Specialty Machine Work Order said:
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Embree Specialty Machine Supercharger Work Order 3:07 PM 1/8/2012 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Supercharger Owner's 1st & Last Name: XXXX Supercharger type/Brand: Eaton M45 Jackson Racing Vehicle Application: Mazda Miata Disassembly Notes from Shop Foreman (D#): D1. Came with two studs in Supercharger Outlet D2. Two Bolts missing in Snout Flange equaling six bolt instead of eight bolts. D3. Bypass Set Screw bent. Not sure of the cause of damage to this part, possibly occurred during shipping. D4. 1/2 inch hole was found in the shipping box. D5. Came with a Stock Steel Pulley. Dings/Dents on Pulley&Nut from someone using impact on the Snout Pulley Nut. D6. Visible oil on the Snout Seal; Snout Seal appears to be leaking. Green Coupler. D7. Inlet Plenum attached. D8. Bell Crank Linkage Hole is oversized. D9. Came with Gray Coated Rotors. Work Order notes from Shop Foreman (W#): W1. Complete Supercharger Rebuild with Rotor Assembly Rebuild Services $450 W2. Re-use OME coated rotors W3. Replace bypass screw $5.00 S4. Shipping Cost $49.60 T5. $450.00 + $5.00 = 455.00 plus shipping Total Cost $504.60
As you can see, the blower has been completely disassembled and cleaned, the rotors have been cleaned and all the bearings have been replaced. Total cost to me was $550 including my shipping. The snout coupling has been checked/replaced along with the oil, and all seals are fresh as well. Additionally, the blower comes with a year worth of warranty from the date I received it, so you'll have till the end of next January in the unlikely event that something catastrophic occurs.

Kit will also include a printout and/or PDF copy of the Moss installation instructions. I'm looking for $1300 shipped. If you don't need a fueling solution (AFPR), I can knock the price down to $1225 shipped. If you're local, subtract $50 for pickup. I'm selling because I plan to take a rather extensive Miata road trip this summer and the funds would definitely help. I also need to pick up a rollbar and some other safety items so I can improve my driving before looking to add any more power.
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