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I just pulled my 1.6 short nose from my 1990 with about 180k in it. The engine burned and leaked oil like crazy, but it still has perfectly good components. I bought another used engine and now I have alot extra parts that I don't need. Most of the parts are still on the engine but I will post pics asap.

Willing to ship from 91402 prices are o.b.o.

Cam angle sensor 100$
Head no cover no cams 100$
oil pan 50$
Injectors and fuel rail 55$
intake mani 25$
ps pump 15$
wash bottle 5$
coolant overflow 5$
starter 25$
air bag sensors front 2 20$
oem exedy replacement clutch with p.p almost new 55$
flywheel 20$
dip stick tube 5$

I know there is alot more I forgot, just let me know what you may need.

Best way to reach me is at 818 277 2269

Also willing to trade, mainly looking for suspension bits and really need some motor mounts
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