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Hi guys i got my self a 1999 NB Miata with the 1.6 engine. I know its not common in the US market but i would really like some assistance rebuilding my car.

Purchasing all my parts online and would like to know if the 1.8 parts will work on the 1.6 or if they are different basically.

Brake Pads
Valve Cover Gasket
Sway Bar Bushings
All Belts
All Filters (Fuel, Air, Oil)
Brake/Caliper Repair Kit
Engine Mounts

That is all i need for the moment. Thanks Alot.

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Why i asked is EVERY site i am purchasing parts from only gives me the 1.8 option. There is not a 1.6 option.
The problem is not between NA or NB. i selected all the correct model/year. I realised there are different parts with the NB and NA. Even when i email the sellers they dont know if the 1.6 and the 1.8 parts are the

Yes i'm a noob, we all were at some point of time.

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Why don't you just shop in the 90-93 catalog for your 1.6l motor parts, and unless you have 1.6l breaks etc shop under the 99+ parts.

If someone could come in and tell us what all is different between the 1.6L NB and the 1.8L (obviously other than the motor)

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It's a uk based miata site. They also got the nb6 engine.

1.8 engine parts never have worked on 1.6 engines since the beginning. Since a nb6 head can be bolted to a na6 block and the intake manifold and exhaust manifold can interchange, I'm going to guess engine parts are still not interchangeable between the 1.8 and the 1.6. They are totally different sized motors. Do not try to interchange things like gaskets.

As for the chassis it would be the same as the regular NBs, only difference is I do not know which brakes it was equipped with. Suspension bits should be all NB, the differences between NA and NB subframes would not allow a NA subframe to work well on the NB.

It would be surprising if it was any different other than the motor and option parts.

I would also start checking for Mazda oem parts dealers located out of Europe or japan that have websites with online catalogues. You are not going to find these parts stateside unless the parts interchange with a na6 engine.

There are also a few build threads you can find by googling where people have installed nb6 heads on na6 blocks. They go over in detail which parts need to be used for the conversion. This should outline pretty well which parts can be used for a na6 motor.
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