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SOCAL: 1.8 NA Engine Part Out

Parting out a 1996 NA 1.8 engine
115,000 miles

I need an oem header if you want to trade parts.

Damaged bottom end. *****GONE******

Brea, CA 92821

Intake+Exhaust Camshafts $80
Cam Gear $10 each
CAS $40
Water Pump Pulley $10
Water Inlet Housing $10
Oil Cooler $30
Crankshaft Pulley $40
Crank Pulley Boss $20
Timing Belt Gear $20
Timing Belt Cover lower $20
Timing cover upper $20
Timing Belt Tensioner + Idler Pulley $20
Power Steering Pump, Reservoir, Hoses, Belt -SOLD


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Can I get the Free Block?
How much power before you bent the rod?
I'm at 300+ HP so I better start building a bottom end...

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Sweet - can anyone clarify for me... is 50k miles on a clutch a good or bad thing?
My original clutch went 225k before I changed it...squealing pilot bearing had me in there. and there was LOTS of life left in it. $3 pilot bearing and about $100 for another OEM type clutch.
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