1.8 swap with header install problmes.

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so i got my 1.8l into my 93 but i am having trouble installing a ebay header i got off of i am trying to drop it in from the top since there is no way it would fit from the bottom but it keep hitting the steering rack and i cant get it down in. any one have any tips or ideas i could try?
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???? mine went in fine.. it does need to be twisted a bit, to get in there. i had to remove the o2 sensor to get it in there.
the o2 sensor is not in the way. it gets wedged up on thre steering rack and the block....if there was a way to move the steering rack about a inch it would fit.
Noah, I'm having the exact same problem and was wondering what you did to get it to fit??? So far we've unbolted the driver's side motor mount and jacked the motor up... no good. Then we removed the rack.... still wouldn't fit. If I had one more inch - maybe even half an inch - this fucker would fit. Do I need to bash the header???

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
if you still cant get it to fit i would bash it or send the header back. it took some twisting and turning to get it in but we got it in.
It's all because of that guy who wants to return the diff you sold on there :lol:

The place must carry bad mojo :p
It sounds like poor-fitting ebay header is.. Poorly fitting? Take some pictures of where its hanging up.
I wasted hours fighting it, jacking up the motor and pulling the steering column, but beating the **** out of it made it fit.

Bought it used from a guy that was about to put in a supercharger, and the only problem ha had with fitting it was the EGR. I can't figure out why it would fit his car with no real issues, but wouldn't fit mine. I only spent $75 on this thing, so I guess it was worth it. I'll never buy another one, though... new or used.
when i got my JR headers, they were getting stuck at the bottom, between the tranny and the side of the car. there is a bracket that holds the old header and bolts on to the tranny. i had to bend this bracket, once that was done, it went in just fine. a second person under the car would help a lot.
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