+1 for Orange County, California

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What up everyone! Just thought I'd drop in and say hello. The layout of this site ROCKS! Seeing everyones Miatas with personal galleries is really making the credit card ache. Hopefully you guys can get me off my butt to install the rest of my parts laying around the house, just been too busy* lately:

MS Seats - pulled out and back in the house
MS Steering Wheel - garage
CF Craftsquare mirrors - bedroom
Rollbar - garage

*busy = lazy
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welcome and chalk one up for another west coaster.

Thanks, I did drop in, and all I can say is Good Times, man! That was one of the most kick back Miata meets I've been to. Everyone was really cool and welcoming. I'll be seeing you guys (and girls) again soon!
hey man, it was nice meeting you last night.. yah that was a pretty fun cruise but i think we'll have something better planned next time. see you at the next meet.
yeah, nice meeting you for sure!

man, everyones got so much cool stuff, I cant wait to get my car all dialed in.
Welcome to the dark side of the force, my son...

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