+1 for socal 626/909

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whats up guys, this is my first miata, after going thru two ae86s, and a s13, the miata is pretty much done up already, so im hoping to take it out to the track someday

(imma have to relocate horn cause of the stupid steering wheel)

we like white cars, pop up headlights, and RWDs

seat is a lil beat up

ok well heres the other goodies it comes with

extra set of cusco headers RHD tho..(yea.. i didnt know cusco made headers)
racing beat exhaust installed
racing beat headers
mazda speed lsd installed
jackson intake installed
ground control coilovers 8/6 kg on illumnas(sp?)
roll bar on
bucket seat
hard top/ spoiler /mudflaps(obviously)
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nice! see you at the meet tonight.
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