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I was in my gf's silver Mazda 3, it was pouring outside and I was going about 70 and everyone else...wasn't. But you still kept up! Pretty bawsy. Anyways, I was directly infront of you the whole time so the description is only what I can make out in the heavy rain through my rear view mirror:

-Red NA
-Projectors? Your passenger side spreads more than your driver's side.. 5000K HID?
-Intake signal. I'm pretty sure.. Your blinkers were a bit dim.
-0 offset wheels. Or at least they were pretty low.
-Soft top
-No Rollbar, I'm pretty sure.

Just wondering if you're around here! I saw you about 20 minutes before we hit Gilroy, then after 10 minutes pass gilroy you were gone!
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