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I have a set of rpf1's with some camber wear on the 615's. Probably have to get new tires soon. Thing with the rims is that 3 of them are in 90% condition and one is a bit damaged from the last owner. The story with the rim is that his lug bolts broke off in a turn and the mounting face has a couple pieces chipped off and the inside barrel is scared from the brake disk. BUT the good thing about the rim is that the face is flat and it mounts perfectly fine. There is no vibration other than at 70mph then for some reason there is none at 80. So that might not be because of the wheel. I'll take the damaged wheel off soon and take pictures of it as well as tire wear on all the tires. What do you guys think I can get from this? I'm thinking in the neighborhood of 400-600.
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