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I run 205/50/15 on a 15x6.5" wheel - its a good fit - its not the 'stretched' jdm look but it makes for a much better ride and a much larger contact patch than a smaller 'stretched' tire on the same wheel.

I soon plan to sell those wheels, and take the 205/50/15 tires and wrap them on a 15x8 - I personally wouldn't run a 195 on a 8" wide wheel.

Go to an autocross and people want performance - they try to fit the widest rubber they can fit onto a wheel for grip - check out the jdm scene and tires are streched - a 7" wide wheel may have a tire that only has a 6" contact patch width.

It's just a matter of understanding that what may look the best won't perform the best - you have to pick what's going to suit you and your needs, or find a balance in between.

I love the stretched look, so don't get me wrong, but just understand that wrapping a 165 on an 8" wide rim is considered ridiculous by some and outstanding by others - I for one think tha if you want a nice slightly stretched look that will not give that 'fat tire' appearance but also still not stretch the tire to possibly dangerous amounts, a 205 would work great on a 8" wheel. My 205's look just barely plump on a 6.5" - another inch and a half is alot. a 205 is recommended for a 6.5-7" wheel.

Just my $0.02
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