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Hi guys
Yesterday I put 215/45/16 (larger diameter check out pictures) Falken Azenis RT615!
I also got lug nuts from the discount tire co for $1!
With the tires in my garage I couldn't avoid putting one side on (first pictures) to see it looks!
I tried to move the car but it was rubbing even in my driveway so I stopped and I moved to phase two :) to roll the fenders!

Rolling the fenders with the fender deforming tool and with a heat gun was fun!
It took me 5-10min to "master" the tool and //i finished the first fender in 45min!
With the heat-gun on all the time I avoided paint crackings, so don't forget to do that!

By the way some small defects in the paint were there long time ago (when I got the car).

The fender deforming tool, other than rolling the lip, it also pulling the fenders!

Check out the first pictures (with the car having only two of the new wheels on - normal fenders) and the last one (all wheels on + pulled fenders).

For the front fenders I knew that I had to get rid of the fender liners, but I like my airbags...that was a problem!
You see above the fender liners there are the cables for the airbag sensors!
Furthermore if you remove then, there is a huge gap between the door and the fender.
Imagine driving in the rain, and I bet a sh*t load of water will go the in high pressure...that can't be good!

So my solution to the above, was to relocate the airbag wires and to manage to tie them with Zip-ties! I used the most expensive (UV resistant zip ties but I bet I'll still have to monitor these every 3-4 months).
There is a gap between the fender and the engine bay area and you can pass the zip ties from there!

Furthermore I cut the rear piece of the fender liners and I used it to block most of the water that will go through the fender and will hit the door (see pictures).

After these I still rolled-pulled the front fenders quite a bit!

In my first drive the car didn't rub anywhere and it handled like a dream!

Going to larger diameter tires was something really good to me!
->The car is higher, while it doesn't look bad because there is not fender gap (at front)
->It a bit more difficult to hit the rev limiter (I have JRSC and BBK...)
->I will be able to have a little bit less rpm in the fwy
->Higher top speed :)

Pictures here:

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