18Aug06 Queen Mary

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I am posting this so no one gets confused. :)

Here's a map of Queen Mary parking lot.

Zoom out if you need to figure your directions to get there.

Since I'm not familiar enough to pick a specific spot to meet, how about we just say we'll meet in the QM parking lot that's as close as you can get to the boat itself without paying to park.

8:00 meet/9:00 drive work for everyone?

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That was a pretty long drive... Though the little stint of mountain twisties was pretty fun.

I apologize for being such a crappy leader. It was my first time.

We will return to our regularly scheduled program of KINOD next week until we can find a better place to have a meet since City of Industry is a bit far for quite a bit of people.

Thank you Bill for being our navigator. :D
good stuff, good call Bill.
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