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19-MAY-2007 thee OFFICIAL Tampa vs. Orlando Miatas Cruise-In


Come check out all the Headlights and hot Miatas!! Have some wings and some brews!!!

For the locals, this is known as the Orlando vs. Tampa Miata Clubs challenge. However we would like to welcome all Florida based Miatas clubs & Miata owners to join us, or anyone with a Miata that wants to meet up with a ton of other Miata owners from all over the state!

This location was chosen becasue it is right off the highway, and the midway point between Tampa, and Orlando, so its half the drive and really easy to find.

And for the long distance drivers, this Hooters has a hotel, so you can crash out if you dont wanna drive back the same day.

If you want to make overnight reservations, please call Hooters Inn directly at (863) 858-3851 , the room rates are $65 + tax per night.

Meeting time is between 1PM ~ 'til On Saturday, MAY 19th

Hooters of Lakeland II :mrgreen:
Hooters Inn of Lakeland :twisted:
(Exit 32 off I-4)
3400 US 98 North
Lakeland, FL 33809
(863) 859-7772

Please post up if you plan on going, so that we can block off a section of the parking lot for all the Miatas.

I will update this list of members planning to attend as they post a reply on here, or PM, or email to me, thanks!

TUNERS Planning To Attend;

Street Unit

Members Planning to attend (North to South);

(Hattiesburg, MS) :shock: Noah/Sundaysbest (Miata Specs n/a) fill in your garage dood!

(Gainesville) Speedhole (1991 NA w/ Polished hood!) 8)
(Gainesville) ReliabilityGator (1999 w/BBS wheels)
(Gainesville) ZumZum_RX8 (1990 NA)
(Gainesville) es0teric_cha0s (1991 NA w/ Custom Paint)
(Gainesville) Moons (1994 NA w/ Custom Paint)
(Gainesville) zhandao (1994 R-PKG)
(Jacksonville) tinker91 (1991 NA)

(Orlando) Ultimateforce (1990 w/1.8L motor swap)
(Orlando) kabel (1991 NA)
(Orlando) Skinnyroadster (1999 NB)
(Orlando) Racer46 (1990 NA w/GReddy Turbo)
(Orlando) PAW47 (1993 NA w/SuperCharger)
(Orlando) StreetUnit (2003 Mazdaspeed Turbo Protege)
(Orlando) Jimmy (1994 IRTB NA) =D>
(Orlando) vanzrider (1994 NA)
(Orlando) LOUMO (1991 NA Turbo Miata)
(Orlando) kinseyd (1996 M-Edition)
(Orlando) akira (1999 NB)
(Orlando) Allen (1992 NA Turbo)
(Orlando) KJ (1991 NA)
(Orlando) Rootes66 (2004 NB Mazdaspeed)
(Orlando) Racerx13 (1991 NA)

(Lakeland) Mowog (1992 NA)
(Lakeland) Fellapart (1994 NA)

(Tampa) PhatMiata (1996 NA)
(Tampa) Toolman (1993LE IRTB NA)
(Tampa) Hammerhead (1991 Turbo NA)
(Tampa) BanditGuy (2007 NC) wow! a 3rd Gen!!
(Tampa) 96rdstr (1996 NA w/ SuperCharger)
(Tampa) Muddy (2004 NB Mazdaspeed)
(Tampa) Jim Pop VII (1990 Turbo w/Bugeye Conversion)
(Tampa) qwkmx5 (1999 NB 9-sec Turbo Dragster) 8)
(Tampa) Cody (2007 Mazsdaspeed-3 Turbo)
(Tampa) 2NDSHIFT (1999 TURBO NB)
(Tampa) Red91 (1991 NA)
(Tampa) fates (1993 LE Black w/Red Int.)
(Tampa) sparky95 (1995 NA w/Fender Flares) =D>
(Tampa) Ferguson (2001 NB w/ SuperCharger)
(Tampa) grasshopper (1999 NB)
(Tampa) Toyluvr (1996 NA)
(Tampa) 93MIMI (1993 NA)
(Tampa) MiataGT (2004 NB Mazdaspeed)
(Tampa) Topless (1991 NA)
(Tampa) Aaron (2004 NB Mazdaspeed)
(Tampa) Jim (1991 NA)
(Tampa) Don (2003 NB Shinsen Edition)
(Tampa) Gary Johnson (2000 NB)
(Tampa) Rick (1995 NA)
(Tampa) steve (1999 w/LS6 vette motor swap) :twisted:
(Tampa) Leabadbaby69 (1994 R-pkg)
(Tampa) greenmachine (1997 M-Edition)
(Tampa) Carl (1993 LE)
(Tampa) Ken (1996 NA project car)
(Tampa) Kerri (2007 NC GT-Loaded)
(Tampa) Nice (1994 w/Work Wheels)
(Tampa) vikingracer (1995 Merlot) :mrgreen:

(Sarasota) deadmeat (1995 NA)
(Sarasota) LostSoulMiata (1991 NA w/Stealth Fighter Paint) :wink:
(Sarasota) chokeasphyxia (1997 NA)
(Sarasota) JustJake (1991 BRG)
(Sarasota) Rippinmazda (1992 Sunburst)
(Sarasota) larryboy (NA Miata)
(Sarasota) the marriner (1990 NA)
(Sarasota) Sermonation (1995 NA) w/15x8 SM wheels!

(Space Coast) Wowak (1991 NA)
(Space Coast) turbo13b (1999 w/ 13B Turbo Swap) :mrgreen:
(Space Coast) Winlowe (1990 w/hardtop)

(Ft. Lauderdale) leatherface24 (1997 NA thee project car) =D>
(Ft. Lauderdale) levnubhin (1992 Red NA)
(Ft. Lauderdale) eclps0 (2004 NB Mazdaspeed)
(Miami) killzen (1996 NA)

(Unknown) JLB (1999 NA 2.0L Stroker w/SuperCharger)
(Unknown) Mazdasped2k4 (2004 NB Mazdaspeed)


We now have prizes for the raffle!!!! =D> We even got the raffle tickets donated to us!!! =D>

Free Raffle Prizes & Donations made by; Hooters of Lakeland II (3400 Hwy 98 North) (Jeff Helms) Tampa Distributor! :mrgreen: =D>

and i might more from a couple other compaines before Saturday too!!! Stay Tuned!!

Also, if you would like to sponsor an Orange Parking Cone, the cones will have your screen name or company website or name written on them, and you can take it home as a souvenir when you leave, or leave it with us for the next event for a permanent reminder. (Photos of sponsored Orange Cones will be available online after the event) See info below!!!

:shock: OPTIONAL LONG DISTANCE SPONSORS NOW AVAILABLE!!! [email protected]@K :shock:
Anyone that wants may Sponsor the cost of 1 or more Orange Parking Cones for this event, your screen name or your Companies name written on the cone(s) and displayed proudly for all attending members to see!!

:idea: Want more exposure for your companies website? Want to say hi to your fellow ClubRoadster.Net friends? Simply send a payment to me [email protected] for $7.45 per cone, and i will make it happen. This money covers the cone, and any extra will go towards more raffle prizes!!! =D>

:mrgreen: This is gonna be a GREAT event, with some cool prizes available!!! So dont miss it!! :mrgreen:

PhatMiata :mrgreen:

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I am going like you would not believe, I am bringing a few surprises too if things work out. :)

Finger lickin' good...
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Count me and the GF in :mrgreen:

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Tentatively in.

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Count me in Phatty - The old OM crew will show up!!

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Kable, Racer46 are the old guys.. I'll even claim Wowak! Maybe 2 or 3 others we'll see!!

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As stated in Phat's OP, I will be there!

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We can roll in a group if you think you can keep up with all 90 of my horses.
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