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One day my uncle came home with a Miata, and I guess you could say it was love at first sight.:hello kitty:

So I finally got one about 6 months ago
1990 with 135XXX miles.

Came with:
Racing Beat Dual exhaust
KYB AGX Shocks
Flying Miata frame rails
Turn Signal intakes

Everything else was pretty much stock.

It was this way for a couple of months because I'm a broke ass college student and couldn't afford to do anything to it yet.
Finally got enough saved up and bought Racelands. Then slammed her ass. :mrgreen:

She finally decided to give out after a couple more months, it just broke down. :cry2:
One day I was driving with my beater Honda and found a worn down looking 1999 NB on the side of the road only 5 minutes away from my house!:D Contacted the owner and got it for $1k. He just was letting it rot on the side of the road. And it still runs but it has front passenger damage and a torn top. Bought it to mainly swap the 1.8 and the rear end and whatever else I can swap.

Things that will be done for now:
Repaint NA
Paint engine bay of NA
Full Wire tuck
Swap engine, rear end, brakes, control arms from NB

Currently stripping the engine bay of the NA

Also I have no auto experience what so ever so this is pretty much a learning experience as well :suicide:
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