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$6,200 obo. Located in San Diego. NOT parting out as of now.
-1,200 without the work wheels/tires

1990-Base model. Power nothing; also known as the lightest NA ever made.
Engine runs strong at ~135k
Everything works.
Clean title- I'm the 3rd owner; had the car since Jan 06'.
All maintenance has been done. (Timing belt, water pump, plugs, radiator, gaskets, fluids).

Front fenders are messed up.
5-Speed transmission whines
1 axle going out ( have 2 axles as spare)
front bumper's paint is chipping


Painted Mazda's True Red
Hardtop (no defrost or headliner)
Turn signal intakes
OEM Type-C front lip (only one in america that I'm aware of)
OEM mudguards
V1 Garagestar side mount bracket
Autokonexion side skirts
15x8 +10 Work XSA with 60% tires
ichiba 25mm spacers
wings west spoiler (I think)

Bride rep. + stock rails + pitgarage brackets
4-spoke grant steering wheel
nismo GT knob
miatacage splined quick release
G-force harnesses
Harddog HCHTDD rollbar

1.8 NB driveshaft, welded differential, 1pc axles, mmr mounts
Stance Coils
Megan racing rucas


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A. I'm not in a rush to sell
B. If you price it out REALISTICALLY in what could be parted out, there's a good $5.5k easy just in aftermarket parts (resale prices. not retail). Not including maintenance, paint, and all the small things sub $100 i didnt bother to price. I just don't have the time to part it out.

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It'd look a lot better if you just post it with the $5k price then and say the wheels are extra. I'll buy some of those parts if you decide to part them.
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