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Hey guys, im in need of money right now and if worst comes to worst, I may have to get rid of the miater :cry:
She's a red 1990, has 110k on her and has a clean title. Pretty low for the year. She hasn't given me any problems whatsoever. Since ive had her ive gone ahead and done the following

Engine and Tranny:
tranny and diff fluid 9k ago
CAS o ring 6k ago
CX racing Radiator 6k ago
new plugs and wires 10k ago
tsudo n1 exhaust

Rota Rb's 13x8 +4 curb rash on one wheel but not too crazy
Doral 185/70/13 with only about 2k on them so fairly new.
Go miata trunk rack
NB Spoiler
R package rear lip
TR front lip, missing a piece out of the front though
mudflaps all around, rears were cut pretty bad but not to noticeable
Robbins soft top with zippered plastic window
Eunos fender markers

MadtyteJDMyo Raceland coilovers with around 15k, removed from my previous miata. Helper springs removed as well.

Blue Mooneyes steering wheel
Garage Star 3 inch shift extender
Nismo buttplug shift knob
Momo ebrake handle
Power windows
No cracks on the dash
small amount of stitching coming loose from the drivers side bolster.
Crappy JVC deck
Blown headrest speakers

Power Steering
Power windows
Cruise control
A/C, needs to be recharged.

stock 1.6 exhaust
4 goodyear eagle slicks that I got from The Pass when I bought the Rb's off f him.
Egay strut bar
Boot cover
Brand new alternator belt
Brand new crank to PS belt, if you decide to remove the AC, I had planned on doing this but I havent gotten around to it.

Paint could use a respray, doesnt look bad from about 20 feet away but when you start getting closer, you notice some paint chips. It might have been resprayed once in its lifetime, the paint chips reveal yellow paint underneath the red.

Front driver side fender has some bondo underneath the paint, it's cracking a little bit from rubbing.

Plastic window has some scratches on it but you can still see out of it fine.

Again, just trying to see what a good price point should be if I do decide that I have to get rid of her.

Some pictars:


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