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I am thinking of parting ways with my 3rd and most reliable miata yet. I am not sure how much to ask. What do you think?

Let’s start with the bad:
• 2 places of rust: 1 area the size of quarter and one above the door hinge (see pics)
• 2 dents: front edge of passenger door and drivers wheel well (see pics)
• Rear finish panel needs to be replaced
• Front oil pump seal needs to be replaced. (looses 1 drop of oil on occasion)
• Trunk lock can be opened with any key (need replaced)
• Needs about 100 more HP!

Now that we got that out of the way, now on to the good:
• Car runs great and comes with a ton of extra parts. I estimate at least $600 worth.
• Cold A/C
• Functioning Airbag (love them or not) – no blinking airbag here
• Cloth top with GLASS rear window
• Replaced carpet with later less faded carpet
• Power Steering
• Manual Transmission
• Manual windows
• New gauge hood
• Replaced alternator
• Replaced suspension with lower mileage stock parts
• New windshield (2010)
• CAS o-ring replaced

Aftermarket parts installed
• Voodoo Shift Knob
• Sony Head unit with full speakers (door and headrest speakers)
• New battery (8 months old)
• Godspeed Upgraded radiator (was going to go turbo but didn’t)
• Bosal Exhaust

Included extra parts
• Spare Trunk lid
• Megan Turbo Downpipe with V-band welded on
• Spare Neon coil for 3 wire coil upgrade
• Radio cubby
• Sunvisor Visor mounts
• Trunk catch, release and cable
• 94+ Gauge Tombstone
• Stock 1990 Emissions parts (reinstall to gain 2mpg but lose a couple HP)
• Spare Headlights, surround, and linkage
• Spare gator back belt
• Cone Filter and adapter (drill and install)
• Spare small shift knob
• Rear deck carpet
• Battery cover carpet
• Behind seat carpet
• Trunk Carpet
• Miata sill plates

The gallery below has the images

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^Bump for some advice on a sale price.. I am surprised i got no initial response.
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