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im thinking about selling my 90' miata so here it goes. It has 200k miles but the previous owner (original) took very good care of it. It came with a book of all the services that were done to it, down to the light bulbs. also came with the sales brochure and service manual.

ill get the bad out of the way first: its an east coast car so it had rust on the lower quarter panels in front of the rear tires. Also, when cold the car runs like crap. once it wasms up (about 3 minutes) it runs like a champ

the good: it runs like a dream. Decent paint although the rear bumper is black due to a fender bender. it has a new top on it. It has some kind of roll bar. 14'' nb wheels. It has nb struts (w/ nb tops) and tein springs.

i love the car but need something a bit bigger for dd use. asking $1800 located in socal 91352 (818) 288 -2296

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