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Hi guys I seem to have a small amount of trouble on my miata.
my car is a 1991 long block
has a AFPR, 255 LPM walbaro, Custom intercooler setup, BRP pully bracket, nology hot wires, as far as ECU i am running a chipped ECU and i also have a BIPES unit v1.4.

when i very first start the car up (cold start) the car will turn over and run for a second and go like it will idle then just die. now however if i hold the gas for about a minute and then easly let it down it will stay idle. it seems it could be choke is causing it?

the second issue is when i come to a stop unless i blip the throttle the car dies. it seems that it will idle but just dies.

is it possible that the fuel injectors need to be a higher flow. i have the stock ones.
also is it possible the 0/2 sensor could be going bad? with just the bipes and everything else stock it still did this. does anyone know what it would be?
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