Roughly 100 were produced of the luxurious Eunos Roadster M2-1002 from a planned original run of 300 before the Japanese bubble economy burst.

M2 incorporated was Mazda's Skunks Work division that pulled shells off the factory floor and hand assembled more bespoke units for the discerning Japanese customers.

This is a must have for any Miata fan.

This M2 1002 is number 71. It featured the following:

-Bravo blue exterior with an ivory white leather interior
-Sportier front bumper
- Round steel side mirrors
-Magnesium panasport rims
-M2 plaque on passenger door and firewall
-Yamaha wood center console
-Wooden shift knob and E brake handle
-Leather stitched upper dash on blue alcantara
-Momo steering wheel
-Upgraded touring suspension
-No center console with all carpets and an elgantly displayed intrument cluster.

This unit comes with a nardi wood steering wheel and aftermarket head unit.

These cars are difficult to find in Japan and don't pop up that often for sale. Vehicle is here in the States in Dallas, Texas.