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Hi, just looking to see what my '94 turbo Miata is worth... Not really looking to sell at this time but if the price is right I would consider it. Here is some basic info to help you guys out.

Year- 1994
Engine- 1.8 Liter turbo
Mileage- 90k original miles
Title- Salvage (Its been hit but professionally repaired, no frame damage)

A little more info on the car. I bought it bone stock no wheels, no hardtop, no suspension and no turbo. I did all the work myself and tried not to cut any corners on the turbo part.

OEM Hardtop with headliner and defroster, all latches and seals. (Needs a re-paint)
Rokkor coil overs with 3k miles put on them. Were purchased brand new.
TR Motorsport C1s painted white by me 15x8 +20 no spacers. 195/50 Kumho tires with 80-90% tread left. (Tires rub a little)
OEM Mud Guards front and rear

Thats it for exterior really, nothing special there.

NRG short hub
Nardi 330 Rally wheel (not sure if its a rep or real...)
DDM works 3 gauge pod
AEM Wideband/Uego 52mm gauge
Autometer Phantom series boost/vac 30psi boost gauge
Autometer Phantom series oil pressure gauge (not hooked up yet)
Also have bucket seat side mounts Ill throw in.

Stock 1.8 with a Godspeed T3/T4 Turbo
(Intake: 3 inch
Inlet: 2 inch
Compressor trim: .50
Compressor Wheel diameter: 50.16 / 76.84
Turbine Wheel diameter: 54.06 / 65.20
Exhaust Trim: .63ar
Turbine flange type : T3 flange
Down pipe flange type: 5 bolt standard
Cooling type: oil cool only)

Flyin Miata turbo manifold
Custom 2.5 inch downpipe
Flyin Miata 2.5 inch exhaust
Tial 38mm waste gate
Mishimoto FMIC
Supra 305 injectors
Walbro 255 LPH fuel pump
Mega Squirt V.2 PNP


Parts I will be throwing in if I do decide to sell the car.

-EXTRA Stock 1.8 motor with 115k miles
1.8 tranny out of a '96
1.8 Torsen LSD out of a '96
1.8 aftermarket headers 4-2-1 (I believe there Racing Beat but not 100% positive)

That is all I can think of right now. Im sure Im missing some things but I am just trying to get a feel of what the whole car is worth right now. It has a mild to medium very safe tune, took out a lot of timing up top. It was dyno-d and put down 215 whp on 10psi. It runs great in my opinion but will need a better clutch down the road. Other than that its a solid car.

Thanks for looking!

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I say part it out. Your never gonna get what you put in it. Looks like a good set up, let me know if the hardtop is for sale. May be in the 5-6K price range?
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