So, before people think I'm asking a outlandish price for a non-running Miata, that needs body work. Let me start with saying, this is my last effort to sell the car whole, while its still complete, and able to be saved. Which was my intensions with it. I'd rather see someone save it, and put it back together. I bought this in a "bundle" deal, with intensions of fixing this one for my girlfriend, but she decided she wanted to keep the other car we got along with it. My asking price is what I have into the vehicle between purchase, and transporting it from Jacksonville FL, to Ft Myers FL.

Yes I know its a hard sell. But we'll see what happens, I know I'll make more parting it out, and will if I need to.

Now onto the important stuff
1994 Mazda Miata
1.8L BP05
87,XXX miles
5 Speed
A/C equipped
P/S equipped
Power mirrors
Manual windows
4.10 Torsen LSD (assumed based on the options)
100% stock
No rips in sof top, but rear plastic window is faded

100% stock
Low mileage
Clean Florida title
Less than half what people are asking for 200k+ mile clapped out 1.6L miatas

Doesn't run
Single car accident (drivers front)

IF someone who is handy with body work buys the car, it should be pretty simple to fix. Straighten the core support, replace the front bumper, driver turn signal, driver fender, and hood. Depending on how mechanically inclined someone is, with around another 1500-2000 this could be a good running, low mileage Miata for under 5k. I've got 3 other Miata projects going on, leaving me no time to address this one, and would hate to see this one go to waste. But if someone doesn't buy it whole before the end of the month, I'll strip it down, and part it out.