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This '95 has been T-boned driver side, so the door and quarter panel is trashed. The engine and trans is out, and has been sold. The headlight motors, driver fender, driver turn signal, driveshaft, diff, and axles are also gone. The body panels are in decent condition. There are small dings, but basically all of them have scratches, so while they are in good condition, they would need a repaint. The top is in good condition, other than the rear window. The fabric and frame is still good. Let me know if there are any parts you need from this! The interior is there, and in great condition. Although, I'm not selling the seats or floor mats. I can take detailed pictures of anything that anybody is interested in. I doubt anybody wants the whole shell, but I'd sell it as a whole for cheap.

1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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