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Ok guys, the sad day has come where I'm listing my car.

Basic stuff:

1995 Mazda Miata Base
White/Black Cloth
Manual Steering
Manual Windows
A/C (works well)
5 speed
Original Paint (very good cond for a 95)
134k miles
5 speed of course


Stock engine with Racing Beat Intake (actually makes power on these cars)
New High Flow Stainless cat (CA smog legal, just passed)
Racing Beat sport exhaust (heavy but a good dual purpose exhaust for street driving)
New Driveshaft (2k miles ago)
New halfshafts (2k miles ago)
Kaaz 1.5way Limited slip, recently services 2k miles ago
Unknown clutch that grabs well and stock flywheel
Mazda Competition Motormounts (1k miles ago)
Energy Suspension Differential Mounts (20k miles ago)
Timing Belt was done 18k miles ago with a gates racing belt (should last another 100k)
All seals have been replaced on the front and valve cover

Suspension, Brakes and Wheels:

Super Pro poly control arm bushings (30k ago)
Tein Flex coilovers with 9kg/mm front spring rates/6kg/mm rear spring rates (Best set up under $1,500 which is a lot for miata parts) (25k on these, do not need a rebuild)
99-2000 miata front sway bar (good balance with rear bar)
Gearheads Garage Heim Jointed sway bar endlinks (25k on these)
Mazda R package tie rod ends (helps with bump steer) (20k on these)
Carbotech XP10 front pads Carbotech XP8 rear pads (best pad/compound for this car, any more would be overkill without additional power) (75% life left, these cars don't eat brakes)
Napa ultra premium Blank rotors
Stainless Brakelines (5k miles)
949 Racing 6ul Gen 2 15x9" wheels in flat black with 100 miles on them, new 949 racing aluminum valvestems and lugs
Hankook RS3 225/45/15 all the way around 70% tread life left, Mid 2010 mfg.
Blueprinted front wheel bearing/hubs (5k miles on these)
Rear wheel bearings were replaced 30k ago


OEM mazda R package front lip
OEM Mazda hardtop with no defrost/headliner (lightest one) bolted in
Soft top removed
Harddog Hardcore 4 pt roll bar (SCCA approved) with single diagonal and highest possible height to fit under roll bar
CROW 5pt harness that will need to be recertified soon if you're doing competitions
Personal Neo Grinta 330 steering wheel (clears my long legs)
FIT v2 quick release (hard as **** to find)
Daikei Steering wheel hub (stainless steel with airbag light module)
Skunk 2 10th anniversaly shift knob (rice!!)
Trunk is stripped of carpeting/sound deadening

The bad : Rear main seal leaks, my plan was to wait to do the clutch/flywheel before fixing it. OEM seatbelt on driver side is cut, I have another oem one to replace it though

I'd like to get $6,000 OBO but am open to a little negotiation.

Sorry about the poor pics but I'm not the best photographer


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If my wrx sells soon I'll hit you up. really like your car.

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If I was looking for a miata this would be a great deal, well worth the 6K, add up the parts and labor cost. Sadly people like to low ball and pick up the cheapest junk miata they can find. Best of luck man. BUMP!


Damn.... (._.)

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Whats next?

This is a solid fucking deal BTW.
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