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i just picked up a 95 Miata R spec.

bought the car with rod knock so I dropped a JDM 1.8 motor in. during the swap.. car got a brand new F1 3 stage 6 puck clutch, new hoses, seals, water pump, belts etc.. car is cal smog legal. runs good like a miata should.. paint is original and in decent condition for a 95. there is a bit of clear coat oxidation around the car.. not horrible yet but defiantly not show room

car is just about 100% stock.. with a little searching around, thats my goal.

the bad...

has a cheap chinese sparco knock off steering wheel from previous owner, looking for a stock wheel and airbag to replace. everything else is stock.

the tires are absolutely gone.. I just got the car and I havent had time to swap tires.. Im hoping tomorrow or by this weekend, itll have new tires as well as a new alignment.

also, for some reason the car has a 1.6 driver seat. i have the short belt reciever and no chassis brace. im trying to find a 1.8 replacement because the seat belt is hard to get to.

parking brake doesnt work. im assuming that the calipers are done. havent got a lot of time to check that out.. a friend said that was common in miatas.

there are the holes from a hardog bar in the back shelf. you can cover up with then unholed carpet . itll be easy to reinstall a bar later which is nice.

thanks for reading and your opinions.


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an r package that isn't stock isn't an R. It's a base model miata with some stuff on it. The R was a base model with minimal **** on it.

It's $2500 at most. The JDM motor is better than a blown motor but it's a high mileage chassis with mediocre paint.
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