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I have been back and forth with this Miata but I think it's really time to sell it. Located in MN. The previous owners and myself tried the best we could to keep it away from the winter salt. Currently in the storage with storage insurance. Purchased the car for $4000 and selling it for $2500. Selling it because the old lady doesn't want a damaged looking car around and I don't drive it much, only autocross with it when I have time. I did not make a claim on it either because my brother, auto body damage appraiser for Progressive, said they would total the car and give me money. Let me know if anyone is interested. Not in a rush to sell the car either.=)

80,100 miles
Just got an alignment by Jeff the Alignment Guy for the locals who know him=)
Koni adjustable shocks(4) with ground control coilovers f250/r175
Racing Beat tubular from sway bar-rear sway bar delete
Stainless steel braided brake lines(4)
New rear brake rotors
Hard Dog roll bar...I think its the "Sport" with no diagonal bars
Hyperflex control arm bushings

Body damage-driver side rear quarter panel, trunk was vandalized so I had to replace it with a red one that is also dented, both fenders damaged(by previous owner who I shall not mention), nasty looking mismatching door speakers and incomplete door panel conversion.

I might have missed a few things.


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