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I have a 99' Mazda Miata. It is Classic Red w/173,000 mi. I have had this car for over 3 years and it has been very well taken care of, oil changes 2.5-3k miles with Mobil 1 10-40HM. Differential, transmission, and coolant are changed in May. Car also has a OEM Torsen LSD. I have over $6000 in modifications for the car installed as of now which are listed below. Modifications to the car have been thought out and work very well to complement each other when driving on the street or on track.

This car has been tracked 3-4 times a year for the 3 years I've owned it and has done extremely well being able to pass cars with more than 3 times the power on a tighter(Sandia Speedway) track. The car has never left me stranded no matter how hard the track was or how long the trip was. I've have never been in an accident in this car, on track or off. It does have a clear title but was in an accident before I owned it which was repaired completely.

The cars exterior surfaces and paint are a 7/10 due to it being repainted. The paint is cracked below the Mazda symbol on the front bumper. The paint on the rest of the car is pretty clear of blemishes with only a few door dings, knicks, and rock chips mostly in the front bumper. There is a medium sized dent and a few scratches immediately behind the driver door from the previous owner. The hardtop was brand new in 2005 but was never installed onto a car until I bought it in 2010. The dealership scuff sanded it for paint to match a customer's car but the customer never came back. So I picked it up and polished it back to a mostly black with some spots where the sandpaper went through to the primer. The top still looks good and you don't notice the sanding spots very much.

The interior is also a 7/10 due to wear in the seats and steering wheel. I have removed the center console and put a plate over where it comes from the dash with my power window switches. There are normal wear on all the door panels and lower dash pieces from shoes. The seats are from an 03 Miata because of the better designed bolsters and lower back pad.

There are a few rattles and squeaks from the car as with any car with this kind of age and mileage but I try to eliminate as many as I can when I find them. Power steering has been de-powered completely for better front end communication on the track which makes it slightly harder to drive on the street but in no way too hard for daily driving.

I have tried to list everything I can think of and be as and honest as possible in this ad, but This has been a great car for as long as I've owned it and I'm sure it will be a great car for the right buyer. Modification list is below. If interested or need more information please call or text Simon at 337-281-2979.

Modification List:

Suspension/Wheels and Tires/Brakes
Flyin Miata Frame Rail w/ Butterfly Brace $400
Flyin Miata V-MAXX Adjustable Coilovers $600
Boss Frog Frog Arms $250
Racing Beat Tubular Front Sway Bar $100
Racing Beat Adjustable End Links $75
949 Racing 15x8 +36 6UL Wheels (Nickel) $650
205/50-15 Yokohoma S.Drive Tires $200
Porterfield R4S Brake Pads $80

JRSC Supercharger Kit $500
Moss Motors Powercard Fuel Controller $250
Innovate Wideband Sensor and Gauge $200
Mazda Comp Motor Mounts $100
Silverline Dual Exhaust $400
Devils Own Water Injection Kit $240
New Fuel Pump in August $150
New Alternator in August $175
Raceland 4-2-1 Header $175

East Coast Miata Short Shifter $75
Moddiction Anvil 2 Stainless Shift Knob $65
VooDoo Stainless Brake Handle $25
03 Miata Off-White Gauges $100
01 Miata Seats $300

Autokonexion NB Type 2 Trunk Lid $350
Garage Vary Front Lip $225
OEM Hard Top w/Defroster $600
OEM PEP Side Skirts & Mudflaps $150
The Retrofit Source D2S HID Retrofit $300

Stuff Not Installed but Will Go with Car
Mazda Comp Differential Bushings $90
Track Dog Racing Header Heat Blanket $50
OEM Aribox and Filter
OEM Floor Mats
OEM 2001+ Headlights $200


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Haha, sorry. Price is $6000 OBO

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yea, alot of the mods came from my deployment lol
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