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So I have owned this car from 2010. I basically track prep'd it through out the years, but started getting into other hobbies (including chump and the such around 2014). There is a lot of history, but I don't want to make a giant ad that's annoying to go through. Car has ~ 81k miles on it. I bought it @ 47k miles. I removed it from insurance for track only around 2012/2013. Its probably got about 10-12k miles on track. from 2012-2015 I did approx. 8-12 track weekends a year. Oil changes every 2-3 track weekends depending on other driving in between, replaced trans+diff fluids every year while actively tracking it. Located in NC (27703 area). MOAR PICS. $6000.


  • Tracked the car in August of 2010 first time.
  • Slowly added parts/stuff as I got faster/money/time.
  • Around 2013/2014 I started to plan for PTE.
  • Scrapped those plans and joined a Chump/ChampCar team around 2015/2016.
  • Continued tracking the car on the side for fun/HPDE/Instructing.
  • I basically stopped tracking/racing cars around 2018.
  • The car has mostly sat there since I sold my tow vehicle around 2019.
  • Babies happen (~1.5 years ago), and since then I have slowly fixed/ran the car in hopes to sell it/drive it again.

The Bad:
  • The car has been sitting for the better part of the last 3-4 years.
  • Might be difficult to make street legal (Comes with all the parts though...but still it would not be the most comfortable street car. Parts wise: EGR valve & front o2 comes with the car...may have other emissions related issues but can't remember).
  • Transmission SOMETIMES has a light grind in 3rd gear near the end of a hard 25 minute session on track. Its happened occasionally with me, but not often enough that I worried about it. Taking it easy on the fast shifts later in sessions will not grind.
  • Has some dents/dings from tirewalls. Also replaced the front bumper (Front bumper is from a donor car and doesn't match color wise).
  • Obviously, you will want to tow or plan to get a temp tag for it.

The Good:
  • Car is fast (VIR-F 2.18.9 on 205 NT-01s - See video below of the lap). With some of the additions it comes with, it could be faster than that easily + tires. I am also not the greatest driver & if you follow the predictive timer, I lose about a half-second in a braking zone. I think the car is probably good for a low 2.17 with the right driver & conditions.
  • New fluids and its ready to be tracked again (oil & coolant flush already done) .
  • Comes with a metric **** TON of replacement parts.
  • I had a stint in 2017 where I was planning to turbo the car, so it has a vacuum gauge and an AFR.
  • Replaced fuel and the car ran + drove fine. Starts up great, didn't have any issues on 20+ minutes driving around neighborhoods and back roads.
  • Weighted in at ~2200 with driver + full fluids. obviously will gain some with a cage.

The Modifications:
  • 2001 front + headlights.
  • MSM cam + reshim (comes with the original cam)
  • Lightweight flywheel + flyin miata 1.8 clutch.
  • Comes with a Square top intake manifold.
  • Comes with the kia rear gear + pinion ( was/is attractive for a 6 spd swap & PTE)
  • Oil cooler + Coolant reroute
  • Wilwood master cylinder + prop. valve (Comes with a bunch of different brake boosters + cylinders for your customization).
  • Xida club sport (Gen 1?), Spherical top hats, RB Hollow Front, MSM Rear
  • RB header, Borla 2.25" mandrel exhaust
  • RaceTech seats + 6 pt. harnesses (ALL EXPIRED)
  • Oil pressure, Oil Temperature, corrected stock water temp gauge, AFR, & Vacuum gauges.
  • Depowered & de-sealed Steering rack.
  • No AC, but retained the blower + ducts for on track defogging.
  • HAS A HARD TOP. Comes with bolt in brackets.
  • Doors are gutted.
  • Poly bushings + Zerk fittings.
  • 15x8 6ULs (2nd or 3rd gen, not sure).

Parts it comes with:
  • Hardtop
  • Squaretop manifold
  • 2 extra front bumpers including a 99
  • 1 extra rear bumper
  • Kia diff
  • A BUNCH of stock parts, including brake boosters, pads, master cylinders, control arms, stock intake, o2 sensors, fuel injectors, etc.
  • A second oil thermostat for the oil cooler.
  • A spare 5 speed trans.
  • Stock exhaust
  • A bunch of random other aftermarket parts (longer wheel studs, brackets, etc. etc.)
  • A lot of cobwebs


VIR-F Video:

Walk-around & Neighborhood drive videos

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Flushed the coolant, mtx-l calibartion, and dug up a few disconnected controls. price drop also! have had a few interested parties, but nothing concrete...don't hesitate to reach out!

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Had some requests for more pictures & a video of it running now. Took a walk-around video (bottom of OP) with the dents visible & drove it around the neighborhood for a minute or two.

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I am interested in the car, looking for a base to start from to do a NASA ST build and this looks just about perfect. I don't have enough history on this forum to PM you though... could you send me one? Thanks!
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