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I am slowly parting out my 1999 NB, I will try to be posting pictures and prices, etc but it's a lot of stuff so please request pictures or prices if you don't see what you're looking for. If it came on the car and it wasn't replaced by an aftermarket part I probably have it somewhere. Many of these items will fit NA miatas but I am not responsible for doing your research, please make sure it will fit your car before you buy it. Some items I am willing to ship, others need to be picked up locally. You may make offers via PM, lowballers please look elsewhere, I am willing to sell things for fair prices but I'm not giving the stuff away. See below for what is available, what is sold, and what is pending or has been claimed.

NOTE: A lot of people have been asking about combined shipping on smaller stuff, the answer is yes I will combine into one shipping cost. I'm not going to charge individual shipping for each additional item if you want multiple smaller items.

Last Updated: 3/9/12

Currently Available:
Complete Long Block w/lots of extras still attatched incld. ATI Super Damper $1000 (PM me for details please)
5 Speed transmission, may need a bearing replaced but shifts perfect $100 (local pickup only)
Optima Red Top Battery 2yrs old $50 (local pickup only)
Front Amber Side Markers $10 (+15 shipped)
Rear red side markers $10 (+15 shipped)
Hood Spacers 2 for each side, so 4 total $20 (+8 shipped)
Flyin' Miata rear swaybar w/bushings and horseshoe brackets $100 (local pickup prefered, might ship at your expense)
Power Window switches (tan trim) $40
Carpet, tan and in decent condition $40 (local pickup prefered, might be willing to ship at your expense)
Heater core $75 (local pickup only)
Center console, tan, all it has is lid, broken hinges and locking cylinder, switches and boot removed $5 (local pickup only)
Fender Liners (pair) $5 (local pickup only)
Wiring harnesses $30-80 depending on which one you want (local pickup prefered for the big one)
Clutch pedal w/cyliner (great for auto to manual swap) $40 (local pickup prefered, might ship at buyers expense)
Cruise control unit w/cable $40 (local pickup prefered, might ship at buyers expense)
Doors, complete w/power windows, power mirrors, BOSE, door cards, wiring, etc $150 each PM me for more info (local pickup only)
Alpine security thing, I don't know what it is exactly $5 (+10 shipped)
Power antena $20 (+20 shipped)
Sun shades $20 (+15 shipped)
Hood latch $10 (+15 shipped)
Hood release cable $5
Steering wheel plastic surround $20 (local pickup prefered, might ship at buyers expense)
Various small interior plastic pannels $10 each
Rear View Mirror $20 (+10 shipped)
Fuel cap door $40 (+10 shipped)
Boost guage $15 (+10 shipped)
Hood hindges, both $20 (+10 shipped)
Airbag module $40 (+10 shipped)

Sold Items:
Both fenders
Front Bumper skin
Rear bumper skin
Trunk Lid
Tail lights
Both Airbags & steering wheel
Flyin' Miata Front Sway Bar
Recaro Seat
Rear carpet
Package shelf
Rear upper plastic interior pieces
Washer fluid resevoir
Shifter Boot
Dome light
RB Muffler
Both subframes
All a-arms
All uprights
All brake equipment
Steering rack
Torsen differential w/axles & driveshaft
Sway bar End links
Gas tank and lines w/sensors
Power steering pump
All a/c equipment
Ignition barrel and blinker switches, etc
Brake pedal
Throttle pedal
Trunk and gas flap release levers and cables
Soft Top
Adapter Harness w/"power card"
Autopower Rollbar
Windshield wiper pivots
Koyo radiator
Koni Yellows w/Eibach springs all around
Floor Mats
Windshield wiper motor
Fuel pump
Seatbelts (pair)
Defroster pigtail

Location (for local pickup folks): Concord, CA area

If you'd like to contact me via phone that's fine, calls or texts are okay. However, I am a student and I work so I cannot always respond right away, please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I'm free.

Phone number: 925 522 1137

Thanks for looking.

Current Pictures (be sure to check around the thread I've posted pictures elsewhere due to the 20 picture limit per post:


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If you want $100 for both headlights+shipping i'll take them.

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This picture makes the seat looks really faded and dirty, but it was a fail on the part of my 99cent camera's auto flash and the fact it was raining. I plan to get better pictures tomorrow with the seat out so you have a better idea of the condition, but this should show the fitment well enough. Seat bolts in fine, slides back to almost the exact same position as the stock seat but you sit maybe 10-25mm closer to the wheel than before due to the extra back padding and plastic bucket.


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I need a single part, and that would be the piece that the driver side windshield wiper attaches to. The extension arm to it should pop out of a ball socket and it should be held on by two nuts under the plastic trim below the windshield. If you're still unsure what piece I am talking about I can try for an actual picture to help you out.
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