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Superb photos! Some of those shots are very creative. I like the "Don't Do It" sign and the headlights shining into the corner shot. And the cars aren't too shabby looking, either! Yellow Laminex film on the pop ups is hot. What sticker is that on the rear finish panel above the Miata badge? Good work.

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haha I think this is the first we've seen pics of luv2turn's car on the board here. I know I havent seen it before. he tryin to keep it on the dl.
Eh, kinda...I've posted a few pics, but the car was kinda lame that I've been gettin' a coupla things on the car I don't's still mad slow...

And yeah, it's lamin-x. I'm about to change the headlight setup soon, though.

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nice photos and locations, killer cars. is the nb just runnin with a resonator, no muffler?
resonator?? what? where? haha its straight pipe, stupid loud, and wakes up all the neighbors :-D oh and i love it!

oh snap Nice DD's! Have brighter picture of the tips?

Other NA's are dope too.

Jorb well done.
not real DD's.... just piping i threw together with a guy at a local muffler shop.

thanks for all of the photo compliments guys. better pics with a Canon XTI comming soon.

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It has mainly to do with composition. This pic is your best one out of hte ones you posted

The lighting is nice, it creates a very pleasing image and good contrast. The focal point is obviously the cars and flows well with the surroundings.

Small things like that REALLY add up. Choosing the right location and composition will make or break a good photo. Don't worry about fiddling with settings for now. Work on making quality compositions before you try to make quality photos ;)
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