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I have a 2000 Mazda Miata SE for sale, in USA - Texas.

Mileage: 97000 miles
Engine Size: 1.8L

Asking price is $6500

Decided to sell my Miata after much thought. A lot of work has recently been done. Everything listed below has about 3000 miles on it:

949 Endlinks
Full Polyurethane Bushings
FM Sways
FM Happy Meal
Alt + Acc Belt
Water Pump
Timing Belt
Shifter Boots
Megan Racing Coil-Overs

In addition it also has:
Racing Beat Header
Racing Beat Cat-Back Exhaust
Racing Beat Intake
Properly depowered rack w/ P/S idler pulley

The car is not perfect, but nothing that can't be fixed. The megan racing coilovers are actually fairly decent. The ride height is a bit higher now than in the pictures above. I rarely scrape anything, even over speed bumps. Of course as it is an SE, it has a 6spd, torsen and 3.909 gears. Mechanically this thing runs great. Consistently 28-30mpg. Also has the usual nardi stuff. Will get pictures of interior eventually.

Optionally available is all my spare miata parts. Including a spare engine, which is nearly complete. 97' block in good condition, with good condition 99 head.

Honestly I'd love to keep the car, but as I will soon be going back to school, just can't afford to have toys. The MR-S is also going up for sale.

Best way to get at me is via email right now [email protected]
PM works too, I'll try and check everyday.
My retarded iphone broke yesterday so I currently have no phone. But I rarely am able to answer it anyways.
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