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Ill update later with pics but looking for a ballpark estimate

2000 special edition Miata 115k
New spec HD clutch less than 500 miles
F1 racing 11lb flywheel.
Miata roadster short shifter
BC racing coilovers
Works bell hub
Nardi wood/polished
Fm sway bars
Hawk hps pads less than 500 miles
Timing belt/waterpump/belts service
Spark plugs and ngk blue wires 5k ago
Alpine Ida-x100 radio
S2000 push start setup
Eclipse vents
Rev limiter gauges

I'm sure there is more Lmk

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if you have a rebuilt title, you basically can't include any of the aftermarket parts you put into it as value. So start off with what is important. What shape is it in, and what is wrong with it
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