2001 w/BRP MP62 & HT 93k

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Hey guys,

My wife and I are expecting a child in April, and the more I think about it, the more it'd be wise to let the Miata go. I'm going to consider keeping it at all costs, but would like to know (if the time should come) what I could get for it. We have two cars, and if something happens to her's, a two seater just won't cut it with a child. I'm interested in figuring out where I should start asking as far as the dollars go.

I'm leaning towards $10,000 (or a trade of equal value) to begin with. I know I won't eve get what I put into the car, but it sure would be nice to not take a loss on everything that has gone into it. KBB values this car's Private Party Value at $7,500 in good condition, with the HT.

Below is what the car has as far as aftermarket parts go. It's never let me down and always driven nice. I'm the third owner, and I can tell you the owner before I was a avid car enthusiast who took good car of his cars. Car has been well taken care of and proper maintenance done regularly, however, not really any "records" of that. Car has never been in an accident or wrecked. I've yet to have the car dyno'd yet, as I've been extremely busy with work. However, I'm hoping to do so soon, just not sure how soon. I'd estimate that it's going to put down around 210rwhp, but I could be off.

2001 Classic Red 6-speed:
- Black OEM HT w/headliner and defrost
- Tein Type-RA Coilovers
- BRP MP62 Supercharger
- TDR Air to Air intercooler
- TDR belt tensioner
- RX-7 420cc (yellow) injectors
- Walbro 190LPH fuel pump
- Koyorad 36mm radiator
- Innovate MTX-L AFR Gauge
- Kenwood radio
- HardDog M2 Sport bar
- Xede for management
- Voodoo Black piano shift knob
- CC Stage 3 Street-Strip Series 2300 clutch

The Neutrals/Bads:
- Original paint, but in good condition
- No soft top
- Tires are 75% worn
- Parcel shelf rust, but replaced shelf panels and sealed
- No parcel shelf carpet as I threw it out

Overall I'd rate both the interior and exterior of the car a 8 out of 10. It's 11 years old, so there are some issues, but just minor nicks and blemishes. No dents or dings on the car.

Here are the photos of the car. Please note, I have just finished the supercharger install, so the car is dirty due to sitting in my garage. However, majority of what you see is dirt that comes right off. Some of the pictures were taken before everything was properly/fully installed, but now the car is completed. The last photo is the largest flaw on the car, it's on the passenger's side of the front bumper, next to where the intercooler is visible. Miata/?albumview=slideshow

Thanks for your time, and I'd appreciate opinions.
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