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This weekend was the biggest gathering of all the big name aftermarket performance products in Orlando Florida. PRI is so big but closed to the public. Only retailers are allow in. But I did see someone familiar there and a new product. They really never did anything with the later years in Miata since it required a all new design. BUT now they have a product that will fit the later year NB Miatas. I won't say who but it will be released soon. I touched it, held it in my hands, and can't wait to have it installed. There are some awesome cars there too and I have a new paperweight for my desk. I forgot the name of the company, but they built turbos and such, and they had a bad batch of compressor inlet wheels that are bad, so they gave them away as freebees. After spending a whole day walking around and getting all my freebees, I wanted to show off some photos of different stuff there at the show. Since there is so many people there and many different cars, a good photo is very difficult, so I shot some photos with my iPhone instead. I figure I share them. There is no Miatas but I did find a 6 second dragster that runs on four cylinders. A Mishubishi motor with a turbo and it puts out over 1100 HP AT THE WHEELS :mrgreen:. I talked to the owner and they built this four cylinder monster. It has a displacement of 2 liters and fuel injected. Fastest it ran in a Quarter was 6.24 seconds or something like that and was at 194 MPH. Fast. The best part is that he is running a stock block and stock head, but with bigger pistons, rods, crank, and bigger valves. This year wasn't big compared to other years, but still a big event.

Now four the good stuff. PHOTOS :mrgreen:

This would look good in a Miata

There are so many Vetts here that I can't keep count

This was neat, is a race car built from the ground up with its own full body. It a series that trying to get off the ground and is NASA event approved car. They are trying to get there own series started and PRI show special price was 70 thousand dollars. No bad for a full racecar.

A little Fiat racecar all gutted out.

A Mazda 2 that was gutted and caged. Was really neat car to see.

And here is the 1100 HP Four Cylinder Mitsubishi dragster
I only took photos of the engine.

I hope you all enjoyed the photos.
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