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what you'll need:

a few zip ties
sturdy straight edge
plastic cutter or saw
basic hand drill
a file or cut off wheel

i wanted a smoked acrylic sheet which Lowe's did not carry. luckily Home Depot had them but did not have a glass cutting kiosk. i'm sure a lot of hardware stores also carry acrylic of lexan sheets as well. take some basic measurements before setting off so you know the minimum size you'll need. it might also save you the time and trouble of cutting if the store you go to can do it for you.

here's what i picked up. a whole $22 for a fairly big sheet.

i opted to mount this in front of my roll bar. i cut it down to 36" wide by 17" tall to be flush with the height of the hoops. it does not interfere with the top whatsoever.

cutting it is a matter of measuring, and scoring a good line. go over it as much as possible to aid in breaking off the pieces without it shattering.

for safety purposes as well as aesthetics, i filed down the edges to be flush with the curvature of my roll bar hoops. the whole process from start to finish takes about 30 minutes. i drilled 4 holes to zip tie the sheet to the roll bar. if you don't have a roll bar, you'll need to be a bit more creative.

a few more things to consider...

points of contact. at speed, you will end up with shaking, squeaks, rattles. every place it contacts something (seat back, roll bar, trim) is a problem. to rectify this, you can use the soft fuzzy sides of adhesive backed velcro or small round felt pads made for furniture. peel and stick, no more sqeaks. if you have contact around the edges, you can use vacuum line cut down the center to fit over as well as automotive door trim. you can also use a torch to polish the cut ends for a cleaner look.

besides the primary benefit of not having turbulent air blowing your hair and drying out your eyes, you also benefit from slightly better aerodynamics with the windows up, reduced road noise, better sound quality from your audio system, smaller square footage for AC or heater to fill up, amongst other things.. i have found seat back screens type wind blockers to be mostly ineffective. for $25 and an hour or less of rewarding ingenuity, i can actually have a conversation with someone on the highway at 80mph without yelling.
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