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Its my daily but I'm feeling to go into a different direction with my Miata.

Its an 89 E30 with 126,008 Miles as of this morning. Its currently in the shop for a no start issue (might be the common relay issue), otherwise its been dead on reliable since the day I got it... I've done the water pump, timing belt, tensioner, thermostat and new coolant.. Currently has E36 M3 Vaders in the front with uncut pigtails (just in case you'd like to power them) and the rest is standard black leather with no rips, tears or stains..... Clutch is good, the linkage is sloppy though but doesn't grind or pop out of gear... Has a Supersprint exhaust and 2 1/2" piping from the manifold back (has a nice deep tone to it).... The P.O. did the suspension bushings all the way around and the power steering rack, front upper and lower control arms and the alternator....

Honestly don't really wanna sell it, its a really fun car but I rather put some well deserved money in my NB and make it just a tad more enjoyable..... Any idea how much its worth?


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