5 Spoke Rims - NB - sub $800 (set) options

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My current situation is as follows:

I'm a college student, planned to just maintain my NB for the next 2 years or so and then, upon hitting the 100kish mark, start doing mods (since I should be graduating and finding some kind of job around then). Unfortunately, I recently curbed one of my stock rims *bad* and now am in a position to replace it (I have a 2003 Shinsen Miata). The cheapest junk-yard option I could find was $210 shipped, which made me recoil and think "I could spend 2-3 that amount, get new rims, and Ebay off the remaining three rims."

I've genuinely searched, read, and tried to understand the parameters of buying a rim (both from this forum and a few other Miata ones) with the proper offset. I've had *a lot* of sports cars in the past, but rarely have had to deal with the offset/rolling fender/etc. issue that Miata's seem to represent in the 16"option (which is the size of my current rims/wheels). I've come down to two rims that seem to fit the bill:

- Rota Slipstreams (which, ironically, were what I had on a car of mine several years ago:

I understand that they are generally seen as old-school-Honda rice, but they fit the budget, look, weight, and overall will keep my car on its feet for another year or two.

- Konig Candy

I'm looking to keep any modification necessary to a minimum. Whichever one chosen will be used on my existing 205/45/16 wheels. In any NB users experience what offset would I need to buy said 16" rims to keep any modification to the car itself to a minimum?

Again, I'd research this issue more but the bent rim occurred a few days ago but I need my car back on its feet asap and am literally dealing with a mid-term at 1AM right now.

Thanks for any help.
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1. introduce yourself on the welcome thread.
2. check the fitment thread, this question has been answered time after time.
3. everyone is busy, finish your midterm or whatever then do the research to find wheels.
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