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Early thread as usual to give you enough time to request off or plan to call in sick...

Its been 6 years now and you're probably still asking yourself why haven't I made it out to the annual KINOD circle jerk Emmi gives reach arounds extravaganza. Well this is your chance to see such luminaries as:


Actually no one wants or likes Emmi we just deal with him because of the outlandish **** that comes out of his mouth. Also for his ability to produces giveaways that not only pleasures the mind but pleasure the penis as well.


If you though Emmi was sexy what till you see the zen master Rob. Just look at him doesn't he just make your loins tingle with excitement???

Michael aka Ham:

Yes he's actually having sex with a motor. How many of you have actually had sex with a motor while fantasizing about KPop and Hello Kitty

There are too many to list but I can't forget about the godfather of KINOD and all one of the sexiest viets around Linberg...

just because he is a sexy beast.

starts at 9pm
but people usually come at 9: 30pm

Krispy Kreme
1548 Azusa Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91748 US
Phone: 626-964-5044

then around 12-1am, or later, so it moves to:

In & Out
17849 E. Colima Rd.
City of Industry, California 91748

Or Coconut Bay depending on where everyone votes....

The Second JB
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Re: 6/16/2012 KINOD 6 - The JonB is a piece of candy anniversary

I feel like I've already seen this and replied to it... but my reply is not here... I also thought there was 2 pages already... very interesting...
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