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Open to non-members? ...if so i`m in for the dent repair much they gonna charge?
No one cares about no stinking membership!

The dent repair services at these events are usually about $65/panel. FYI, on doors, they sometimes have to drill access holes in your door jamb to stick their tools through then they fill the hole with a rubber plug.

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Cool, I want to remove some dents for so would be nice if they can do it!

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Bill Hyde & Janet Whatley's house
1525 S. Citrus Ave.

Bring food for potluck BBQ. RSVP to let the host know what food you are bringing so he will know what is missing. A detailing service will be available by appointment if enough people are interested for around $50, not etched in stone yet. A windshield vendor can come if there's enough interest. A dent removal vendor is in the works as well. The host owns a power steam cleaner to clean the grime from under your hood for free! Contact host Bill Hyde (not Bill Wilner!) @ [email protected]

SWEET! I'm there for dent removals as well...
If you guys want to get the dent removal, detailing, window replacement, etc., make sure you RSVP to the event host, Bill Hyde (NOT ME, BILL WILNER!) :wink: to make appointments.

The dent guys are esp. popular and get booked up fast and you may not get a place in line.

BILL WILNER (not Bill Hyde, the event host)
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