805/818 Meet

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Hey everyone in the 805 & 818, there is a car meet in simi valley off Tapo Canyon around 8pm on Tuesdays. Sometimes there are a lot of cars that go and sometimes there are only myself and my friend. I would love to see some miata peeps show up. The meet is between Carl's Jr and starbucks. Its right off the freeway if you are coming from the 818 (valley) and if you are coming from the other way, exit Tapo Canyon, make a left and another left where carl's jr is. I will be there this Tuesday.
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I live in 818. There're couple meet on wednesday here.
There is one on Tampa Costco/ in n out meet. Get off Tampa on 118 near the mall. A lot of Hondas there and be aware of cop around.
The other one is at Plummer/Corbin, It is right off Tampa also but the other side of the mall, at the DSW shoe parking lot. People here are low key. Most JDMs also
The plummer meet is lowkey for a reason, please dont post about it online.

But to the OP, we have the malibu canyon meet and ride/drive on mondays, burbank empire tuesdays, northridge in n out on wednesdays, a few other meets on thursdays, most miata people from all around go to KINOD on fridays.

Whats the demograph at the simi meet? lots of hondas?
More infor for the Monday and Tuesday meet please?
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