805/818 Meet

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Hey everyone in the 805 & 818, there is a car meet in simi valley off Tapo Canyon around 8pm on Tuesdays. Sometimes there are a lot of cars that go and sometimes there are only myself and my friend. I would love to see some miata peeps show up. The meet is between Carl's Jr and starbucks. Its right off the freeway if you are coming from the 818 (valley) and if you are coming from the other way, exit Tapo Canyon, make a left and another left where carl's jr is. I will be there this Tuesday.
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well this thread was mainly for the 805 guys, but since northridge and the SFV is just over the hill, I included the 818. Plus why go to the same meets every week when you can switch it up a little and meet some new people.

Plus I dont see any threads about any meets except for the KINOD meet and camarillo meet. where are the other meets at? if there are ones every day of the week, where are the posts about it?
I guess no one likes change anymore and likes sticking with the same people. Not saying anyone is bad in here, just saying get out of your bubbles and explore other meets and meet other people. If there are meets everyday of the week in the 818, post them up.
Ya I know about the one on wednesday at the costco/in n out.. mad cops there. You should come out to simi on tuesdays. It would be nice to get more miatas to show up. People in TO should come out. All you people can drive to camarillo on friday's, but not simi on tuesdays. I drive from simi to camarillo on friday. Oh well.. people dont like change i guess..
no honda's just all cars.. no cops either... but if u r biased towards honda's, then you are just a love for the miata and nothing else.
its the opposite, i actually try to avoid the honda crowd.

Well no honda's show up. So if anyone wants to try something new, come out tuesday night. If you dont like it, atleast u tried something new
Well tonight is our meet.. If anyone decides they wanna come out to simi valley, we usually meet up at 8-830 til whenever. its off Tapo Canyon between Carl's Jr and Starbucks.
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