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Cali folks: this is going to be the big one. Let's make it like the Eibach Meet is for the Honda folks :D :D :D

What: 1st annual NorCal/SoCal mazda meet
Where: San Luis Obispo, Cal Poly track parking lot
When: September 9th Saturday, 2006
Time: 11am
Who: all mazda fanatics

Location: Cal Poly Large Parking lot next to the track. Corner of Grand Ave. & Stack st.
Since I could not find a Sponsor with a large enough private lot close to middle Cal, this will have to do for this year. Cross your fingers we don't get kicked out

Backup Location (in case we get kicked out of CalPoly ): Madonna Plaza shopping center

This is the official first annual NorCal/Socal meet you have all been waiting for. Time to clear your weekend, book the hotel, and find a local caravan and take a road trip down/up to SLO to meet miata-thusiasts from the other side of California. There will be no venders or food stands. So either catch an early brunch or eat during the meet. Hopefully if we get enough of a turnout, venders and sponsored locations will be possible."

(deleted all the stuffs about no revving, no sideshows, etc, etc, we at club-R don't need those kiddie disclaimers ;);))
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