90-93 1.6 transmission same on 99 1.6?

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Hello. I have a 1999 1.6 ( you might never heard of it, but its imported from japan) . Does anyone know if the transmission of 90-93 is the same as my model? beacause i want to replace my clutch and everything from 94-05 is for 1.8. so im asking for purchasing one of 90-93 clutch kits.
thanks in advance.:)
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If you have a 1.6 I don't see why your transmission would be assembled any different that mine in the U.S.
So I would order the '90-93 part as it should be the same size and go into your car. If you want to he on the safe side ask the manufacturer the measurements of the clutch and find out your clutch's measurements before ordering it.
Remember to ask the manufacturer the '90-93 clutch measurements to be sure.
See ya
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