90 NA Slammed Miata Not starting

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Drove the car home one day just fine hitting the usual bumps on the road here and there. Next day started up the car and it sounded a little funny then just sputtered out and died on me. I know its not the battery because it turns over just fine and I actually bought a new one, I'm thinking maybe I hit something underneath that is causing it not to start? Idk. This is my first Miata, so not too familiar with it at all.

Any help would be appreciated as this is my daily and need it running again.
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Why is "slammed" in the title of this thread?

and in the Engine Management subforum?
vacuum leak from the piston rings you fried.
I work at the car wash.. took my Jetta there once after a race.
this type of behavior would get us all banned...even you.

We still have no idea what to do to help your situation.

Have you checked all your fuses, ground wires, plugs, fuel... You could take it to a respected shop and see if they can find out the problem.
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