90 NA Slammed Miata Not starting

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Drove the car home one day just fine hitting the usual bumps on the road here and there. Next day started up the car and it sounded a little funny then just sputtered out and died on me. I know its not the battery because it turns over just fine and I actually bought a new one, I'm thinking maybe I hit something underneath that is causing it not to start? Idk. This is my first Miata, so not too familiar with it at all.

Any help would be appreciated as this is my daily and need it running again.
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Slamming is dumb you probably broke your oil pan and now your fucked.

But check grounds and **** by doing that to your car you have to expect **** to break.
hokay brahh.

Check **** close to the ground then like your crank sensor, grounds, or actually go out and try to diagnose the problem and tell us what you HAVE done.
Now see if you have spark.

Crank sensor is pointing at the crank. Go figure right?
I was just saying make sure nothing broke it off or something.
Yeah that seems to be intact.

Gonna check the fuel pressure maybe that might be the problem.
Doubt it.

Is your battery tied down?
Why is "slammed" in the title of this thread?
So we know its DOPE we are dealing with.
check the timing belt.
I would have suggested this if I had more info than 90 and slammed. :lol:
I don't even know what that is??
I tried to tell him it was dumb.

I think I may have a good idea, his battery hopped and arced on the body blowing some dumb ass fuse.

Or if it has higher miles I'll switch to timing belt.
Honestly I didn't even notice it was a 90 till like two posts ago. :lol:
I can feel the anger in this thread growing. More and more cr users are becoming permanently pissed off. The op is being real kind and diplomatic with you guys. But yes this is the result of being slammed. Maybe if he told us his wheel offset we could diagnose the problem more accurately
I am here to help I have posted suggestions it is quite difficult to diagnose a car over the internet.
The first thing I thought when I read this was "he's lost oil pressure somehow; cracked oil pan or otherwise". OP-check for oil leaks and everything else for that matter (first and foremost grounds as what was suggested earlier). Any CELs? One thing that might remedy your situation are aluminum lug nuts and wheel spacers. They'll allow your wheels to spin more freely so your engine won't have to work as hard
Stop it.
With a bad MAF I would think that it would start but run like ****.
You looked at the belt but didn't make sure it still was in time?
no need to throw in the "***** slammed car "part. Douche.

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Dude joined to post this. :lol:
Take off the VC and timing covers.
Rotate crank to TDC (Top dead center) there is a notch on the crank for that.
Make sure the E and I line up with the marks on the rear timing cover.
How about you put the car in tdc and take a picture of the cam gears so we can decide if the timing is incorrect.
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