90 NA Slammed Miata Not starting

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Drove the car home one day just fine hitting the usual bumps on the road here and there. Next day started up the car and it sounded a little funny then just sputtered out and died on me. I know its not the battery because it turns over just fine and I actually bought a new one, I'm thinking maybe I hit something underneath that is causing it not to start? Idk. This is my first Miata, so not too familiar with it at all.

Any help would be appreciated as this is my daily and need it running again.
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Slamming is dumb you probably broke your oil pan and now your fucked.

But check grounds and **** by doing that to your car you have to expect **** to break.
Slamming isn't dumb its fun. :phillyb: I have a slammed miata, get over it. I think it would be pretty obvious if I broke my oil pan, and I do expect **** to break but thanks for your .02.
Checked everything underneath the car. No cracks and what not so I have ruled out the possibility that the problem is from under the car.

I would check the crank sensor but don't know where the location of that is lol.

I been searching around and read something about the fuel pump might be the problem but idk how to check if that is working or not either. I have about less then a quarter tank of gas, should I try to add more?

I have checked the fuses and they're all good. When I tried starting it again it sounds like it almost catches. I tried tapping the gas just a bit as I started it but that doesn't work. :/
Figured out how to test fuel pump by connecting the F/P and GND in the diagnostics box and turning the car on and it seems to be in working order so I can cross that off the list.
I have spark.

Idk how to tell if the sensor is working or not.
I was just saying make sure nothing broke it off or something.
Yeah that seems to be intact.

Gonna check the fuel pressure maybe that might be the problem.
I was gonna expect this kind of behavior from :/

I just stated slammed because maybe someone had the same experience as I'm going through and knew what they might have hit on the underside of their car that caused it not to start. As of this moment "slammed" is irrelevant to my situation as I have looked under the car and everything is okay.

Car has 139,000 miles. Belt has been changed by previous owner but idk when. I looked at belt an I don't see any cracking or too much wear on it.

Thanks to those that are and still trying to help me in my situation.
this type of behavior would get us all banned...even you.

We still have no idea what to do to help your situation.

Have you checked all your fuses, ground wires, plugs, fuel... You could take it to a respected shop and see if they can find out the problem.
Even me? I probably have made one post that may have offended one person in this thread.

If you have READ the past posts I already have checked fuses, I have spark and fuel is working.
I think I may have a good idea, his battery hopped and arced on the body blowing some dumb ass fuse.
Battery is tied down so no hopping of the battery and blowing a fuse.
Is CHECK engine light and CHARGE light supposed to stay on in on position?
Yes. it does, its for inspection purposes. That way if the indicator light is out, you would know.
Okay, checked for codes. The CEL just turns off so I'm guessing no codes?

I tried starting it up again, a couple of times the engine sounds like its right about to fire instead of just cranking and cranking so I'm guessing something to do with the fuel line?

Thanks for those who are really trying to help. I really appreciate it.
Weird. I believe i said check your fuel pressure.
Yeah I know but I don't know how to check it lol I will check it once I figure it out.
did you read my first post? spray starter fluid into your intake and see if it starts. that will answer any fueling issues. Hopefully you didn't pinch the hard-line from the fuel pump.
Just did that no result. :/
Sprayed a little more starter fluid it sounds like it just about almost starts but it needs like a little extra push or something. Any ideas?
Wow so its not fuel pressure, YAY!

What it means is, fuel is not your problem. Move on to spark and then do timing.
How would I check timing?
So I think my timing is off. Gonna wait to find someone that can correct it as I don't know what I am doing when I was trying. Good news (kinda I guess) I tried starting it up again after I was trying to fix the timing and it "caught" I guess you could say, but It didn't catch fully, like it started for like 3 seconds then just died out.
So I was messing around with the timing belt and stuff, well not really, I just removed the head and what not and looked to see if it was at TDC, I searched and googled how to do this. It looked right to me, probably just a little off? (but what do I know), anyways I put everything back on and It started up! But sounded really funny. I'm just happy that it at least started up.

Video of how it sounds like.[email protected]/7073066607/

When its about to die I tapped the throttle a little and it keeps it going.

Know I need to find out what is wrong now.
Possibly timing still?

Thanks for all the help.
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