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Year: 1991
Engine Size: 1.6L
Location: Hamilton Mill, GA

Just call or text me any questions. 678-897-7406

$5500 Firm

I daily drive this car with ITB's and no idle air. It starts up every morning and has taken me to numerous car meets on the east coast with a self tune. Cold start could use a little tweaking but it's hard to get it right without idle air control. The car has been ran on 93 octane gas since day on and no the car has not been dynoed.

- 9093 MSPNP
- LC-1 Innovate Wideband
- Fully rebuilt engine about 8,000 miles ago
- Stock bottom end
- Head Decked .025"
- OBX 256 9mm lift cams
- OBX adjustable cam gears
- Self Port and Polish
- CBR1000rr Throttle Bodies welded to a stock P&P manifold
- 1.8L Tan top injectors
- Ranceland 4-2-1 Header, High Flow Cat
- HKS supper dragger catback
- 2003 1.8L Transmission
- 4.10 1.8L Torsen Differential Swap
- CXracing radiator
- Walbro 190lph Fuel Pump
- Mazda Competition Engine Motor Mounts
- 1.8L brake upgrade
- Power steering

- Megan Street 32way adjustable coilovers
- XXR 521 16x8 +20 wheels
- 28mm spacers front, 25mm spacers rear
- 195/40 Yokohama Sdrives. decent tread in the Front, Brand new Rears.

Chassis - 240,000+ miles, Speedometer cable was removed at 224k
Engine - 10,000 miles

- OEM R Package Front Lip
- Home Depot rear lip
- Freshly painted OEM red with House-of-kolor Red/silver Flake (hardtop and finish panel)
- Mud Flaps

- Ebay Deep dish steering wheel
- Stock seats with minor tears and some back padding removed
- AFR gauge with a usb connector for the Megasquirt
- New CD player with a 10" sub in the trunk
- Power windows

The Bad
- Cold start below 50 degrees could use tweaking
- Paint on trunk starting to peel
- At the moment front passenger side doesn't have a front turn signal


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How's the power with those IRTB's?
The car pulls just like my brothers old car (rebuilt 99 1.8, head shaved .025 and megasquirt) but it has awesome throttle response. One of the cool things about my car is that it backfires and shoots fireballs like a ported rotary.

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I love fire balls since I saw a rx7 backfire on the way home at like 1am. Awesome!

And I guess GA doesn't have treehugger inspections. >:/ I need to find a way to run itbs.

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Just out of curosity, how long have you been running those OBX cams? Any issues with them?

Been running them since i rebuilt the motor about 10k miles ago and no problems yet. I drive the car 100 miles round trip to school 2-3 times a week and I'd trust the car to do it 7 days a week if needed.
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