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91 Miata 1.6L (Short nose, good keyway)

Will not keep a steady rev under constant load. In the Video, the throttle is being held at around 10%, and you can see the cable is not moving- but the engine dips and revs by itself. Does this cold or hot.

- Idles fine
- Runs to Redline fine
- Not down on power
- No engine codes

What we have done-
-New Coil Pack (tested good)
-New Timing belt +pulleys (double checked)
-New AFM (MAF) (Tried 2 others from running cars as well)
-New Plugs/wires
-Checked for Vacuum leaks (cant find anything)
-New Fuel Pressure Regulator
-New Fuel Filter
-Ran Injector cleaner

What could it be?

Ecu? CAS? Something else?
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