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1991 Turbocharged Miata.
Clean Title
1xx,xxx miles (I will update this weekend)
$5000 (Not firm at all. Make a resonable offer)
I do not want to part this out. I have no time to fix it, let alone pull parts off.
Located in Canton, IL. 61520

-BEGI T25 turbo system (early design)
-BEGI Intercooler
-BEGI Oil Relocation
-Mocal Oil Cooler
-2.5” turbo-back
-CX Racing Aluminum radiator

Drive train:
-Upgraded clutch (I can’t remember what the hell was put in it…)
-Stock Trans
-95 Rear-end *open

-Eibach coils
-Tokico adjustable shocks
-Racing beat front sway bar
-Rear sub-frame brace

-Autometer gauges (boost, temp, narrow band, & something else?)
-Carbon fiber trim kit
-Aftermarket head unit (Pioneer?), door speakers (MB Quart?) amp (PPI art series). I can’t remember what they are…
-Panasport wheels
-Moss (I think) low profile headlights.

It is a 21-year-old car, so it has typical dings.
Typical rust on rocker panels
Wheels have seen better days
Soft-top could be replaced
There is an electrical issue. The car runs fine, but as soon as it gets boost, it will die as soon as you let off.
It has been sitting for a few years, so it is dirty, however, it does run.

I have two airflow meters, and an extra ECU. Also, I have the stock daisy wheels (painted a horrible gunmetal, by the previous owner). I do have a bunch of misc bolts/hardware, removed stock parts and another intercooler (27x7x2.5).
My reason for selling is simple: No time or desire to fix the car. Currently, it is at my parent’s house, an hour away, so making the trek to work on it is not feasible most of the time.

I plan on heading there this weekend to get some updated pictures, and to fill in blanks.

From when it was clean:

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